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Development history of sesame oil

In our country, the history of sesame oil processing is very long.  As early as in the Three Kingdoms, there were written records, "Records of the Three Kingdoms. Wei Zhi": "When Sun Quan arrived in Hefei New Town, his cage was filled with pine trees, broken into torches, and filled with sesame oil ..." As lighting fuel, sesame oil was then produced by pressing sesame seeds with stone mortar or wood pressing.  Zhang Hua, a native of Jin, wrote in his book "Bo Wu Zhi" that "when sesame oil is fried, the moisture is completely smokeless and it is still cold when it is no longer boiling".  The first record of sesame oil culture is "steamed with sesame oil and cured after three passes". It has been more than 1600 years.  In the Southern and Northern Dynasties, sesame oil was widely used in food and beverage. In the Tang and Song Dynasties, sesame oil was regarded as the best edible vegetable oil, and small ground sesame oil was more widely used on behalf of processing and production.


Sesame oil can be divided into small ground sesame oil and machine-pressed sesame oil according to the production method. The processing of small ground sesame oil is named for its tangy fragrance and rich and attractive fragrance.  Because sesame is used as raw material, it is called "sesame oil" and "sesame oil".  The ancients called sesame "flax" and "sesame oil" and said sesame oil was "sesame oil" and "sesame oil".  Sesame oil can be regarded as the top grade of oil. People call sesame the "Queen of Oil Crops" and sesame oil the "King of Vegetable Oils".

Fengxiang Garden Sesame Food Co., Ltd. is specialized in the processing of sesame oil derived from the unique medical and health care effects of sesame oil.  The Compendium of Materia Medica introduces sesame as "invigorating qi, strengthening muscles, filling brain marrow, keeping fit for a long time, strengthening bones and muscles, making eyes and ears clear, resisting hunger and thirst, and prolonging life".  Make "white hair return to black", "can remove all chronic diseases ..."

According to scientific analysis by nutritionists, sesame is rich in nutrients needed by human body, which can indeed delay human aging and beautify.  Edible sesame oil has remarkable effects on protecting blood vessels, loosening bowel to relieve constipation, relieving cough, alcohol and tobacco toxicity, protecting throat, and treating rhinitis.  In particular, the nutritional ingredients of sesame oil ground by stone mill can be basically retained, which is more beneficial to human health.  Therefore.  Fengxiang Garden Company specializes in the processing and production of sesame oil on behalf of small mill.