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Product details
  • Product name: 190kg Sesame oil
  • Net weight: 190000.00g
  • Ingredient: Roasted white sesame seeds
  • Packing Size: 190KG/DRUM

Main Features
1.High calcium content in the sesame sauce, is good for bone and tooth development.
2.High iron content in the sesame sauce, can improve the picky eating habits, to prevent iron deficiency anemia.
3.High lecithin content in the sesame sauce, can prevent hair prematurely white or come off.
4High oils and fats content in the sesame sauce, have a good effect on relaxing bowel.
Often eat sesame sauce can improve skin elasticity, make the skin delicate health.


Product Name

pure Sesame oil


 pure sesame oil ,
Free sample ,
low price,
good after-sale service,
fast delivery,
High quality

Product Process

traditional water extraction process



Shelf Life

18 months

Place of Origin

Shandong, China

Brand Name


Implementation Standard


Production License Number





White sesame/black sesame

Packing Detail

160ML/bottle, 30bottles/carton;
210ML/bottle, 24bottles/ carton;
335ML/bottle, 24bottles/carton,
450MLL/bottle, 24bottles/carton

Packing type

Glass bottle
plastic barrel,
plastic bag,

Storage Condition

Store in cool dry place
Keep away from sunshine

Minimum Order

advise to order full container to save cost.


Qingdao or China main port

Delivery time

 2-10 working days


Item Number:

  Black sesame oil

Product Name:

Pure black sesame oil


Hand-made by adopting the traditional private process and small graphite and extracted by water extraction process, it benefits liver and kidney, nourishes blood and moisture dryness and prevents and treats the liver deficiency. With rich protein, calcium, ferrum, phosphorus and various vitamins and fatty acids, it is in long-term consumption to postpone aging process, protect the blood vessel, relax bowel, relieve a cough and protect the throat. With strong flavor and rich nutrition, it is indeed a good product of condiment.


1.High-quality pure sesame seed oil;
2.Traditional craft, and keep the sesame original color and taste;
3.No any additives at all.



Safety Approval:

 Based on inheriting the traditional small mill production process, it has further learned the advanced management mode and management experience at home and abroad, adopted international standard and obtained international Standard Product Certificate? It has been certified to ISO9001 Quality Management System, ISO22000 Environmental Management System, and HACCP Food Safety System and has obtained organic Food Certificate.

Other Description:

As part of our continued effort to expand our customer base and to provide consumers with high quality products, we had embarked on a long-term strategy to develop and market a wide range of sesame seeds based products.

Sesame Oil is produced from first-class sesame seeds through natural physical squeezing method. The oil is rich in unsaturated fatty acid, vitamin E etc. and with strong, pure flavour. It can be used in soup, cold dish, flavoring ingredients and snacks, which the best choice for delicious dishes.

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