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Wudi Flavoryland Sesame Foods Co.,Ltd. is located in  East of Fengpu ,Wudi County, Shandong Province , China, and it’s the largest pure sesame oil production and export base in North China. Flavoryland Sesame Foods, with its natural and nutritional 100% pure sesame oil, enjoys a good reputation all over China and abroad.
Flavoryland brand  sesame oil, sesame paste and sesame salt, has passed the national QS food safety certification, the global SGS food qualification certification, HACCP food safety system certification and halal food certification.
Flavoryland, combining traditional stone ground techniques and modern technological water extraction process, exclusively utilizing nanofibers physical filtration purification system, ensures the purity of each drop of Flavoryladn sesame, and preserves the rich smell of sesame and nutrients in which Calcium content is twice as in milk, and 100% preserves rich unsaturated fatty acid in sesame seeds, sesame oil acid and a variety of nutrients. At Flavoryland, with strict quality control involving in all the operations including filtering, washing, stir-frying, stone ground grinding, water adding and mixing, oil milling, physical purification, and packaging, ensures the top quality of the natural green.
Flavoryland brand oil foods sell well in Shandong, Guangdong and Guangxi, Beijing and Tianjin Tang and northeast China, and are exported to Japan, South Korea, and Southeast Asia. Warmly welcome customers at home and abroad, friends from all walks of life to visit us for more long term kindest negotiation and cooperation.